Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have this cup, it's actually a tea cup and saucer, that is blue and white with gold accents. A dear friend of mine gave to me as gift, over 20 years ago - after he had come back from a missions trip to Russia. I'm sure the blue and white building on the tea cup is Russian, but I have no idea what it is. It is my favorite cup in the house. Some of the gold as worn off (or sparked off when accidentally put in the microwave). The saucer has a small chip in it, and the blue paint is definitely worn - but I don't care it's still my favorite cup. When I fill this tea cup with hot cocoa, or hot tea I immediately feel better. When I carry the delicate cup and saucer to the table or a comfy chair I feel dainty, special, important - like the Downton Abbey ladies sitting down for afternoon tea (even though I still have yesterday's makeup on my morning face and my ugly-comfy sweatpants). This little cup and saucer transports this tired, worn out, mother of 3, who desperately needs a shower,  and a full time cleaning crew - to a special place.

How can this little cup and saucer do something so magical? I think it's because of the gift. I am not a dainty, fragile, girly-girl. Even 20 years ago when this gift was given I didn't give off that impression. I've always stood toe to toe, shoulder to shoulder with the guys - and not been afraid to get my hands "dirty". I don't take a lot of time out for myself, spa days are not on my agenda, even getting my nails done or pedicures seems like a waste of time and money to me. But this little cup and saucer makes me feel like I should take time. It makes me pause in the middle of my mess and enjoy a moment, savor a second - breathe.  I guess to me this gift has always said "Take time", "You're worth it", "You deserve to feel special". I have never had a discussion about it with the giver - but irregardless that's the message I got from it. You may just see a cup and saucer - but I see a neon sign blinking "YOU ARE SPECIAL!!".

I wonder how many gifts we miss everyday that God has put in front of us. Gifts that he has given to say "You are special!"- gifts that shout "I LOVE YOU!" and we walk by and see nothing but an old cup and a chipped saucer. Every sunrise, every sunset is unique and different - beautiful, bold, colorful - all for the creator to show his creation how much He cares. Every snowflake he allows to fall from heaven is unrepeatable - distinct in its' own beauty. Every song a bird sings is new and fresh, notes never heard until that moment. All of creation is a blinking neon sign screaming "YOU ARE SPECIAL!"

So take a moment, have a cup of tea (or hot cocoa) - and enjoy your gift - you're worth it!

Every good gift bestowed, every perfect gift received comes to us from above, courtesy of the Father of lights. He is consistent. He won’t change His mind or play tricks in the shadows.
James 1:17
(the Voice)

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  1. I enjoyed this blog message immensely. It's a good reminder to enjoy and savor the little blessings in our day or our lives.. even in the middle of chaos. Well written, Andrea.