Sunday, July 17, 2011


Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset. Exodus 17:12

I think it is rather comical to start a blog called "Resting In Him" right before having a baby - which as we all know is the opposite of resting EVER again... LOL - Seriously I want to apologize for not getting to my blog - it has been way too long - but the only thing on my lap the last few months has been a newborn - not a laptop. He is finally sleeping through the night - which means - I have a little bit of time before I do the same... maybe.

I was thinking tonight of a dear friend of mine - one that has seen me through some major ups and downs of my life. How she could still stand to be friend after seeing the good, bad, and the ugly sides of me - I will never understand - but I am so grateful she has! This brought me to think about this scripture in Exodus - about Moses and his friends. Moses needed help - and his friends became the support he needed to accomplish the battle that was being fought.

The Israelites and the Amalekites were fighting - and Moses' job was to keep his staff up. When he kept his staff up - the Israelites had the advantage - when his arms dropped - the Amalekites began to succeed. I am sure at first this wasn't difficult - no problem - he could do this - that doesn't seem so hard. But as time went on and the day grew longer - this simple job became harder and harder, and Moses grew tired. I don't see in scripture where he yelled for help, or complained so loud someone heard him, or threatened to give up if someone didn't take over - but what I do see are two friends that saw he was tired.

The scripture says Aaron and Hur found Moses a rock to sit on - they knew first and foremost Moses needed a firm, solid foundation to rest on - not a lazy boy - not a sleeper sofa - not a rocking chair - but a ROCK - something that would hold him and be solid for him to sit on. We need friends who leads us to THE ROCK - who don't try to cushion our fall - but steady our stand. We don't need anyone's opinion, advice, or suggestions - we need GOD - HIS WORD, HIS OPINION, HIS TRUTHS.

Aaron and Hur didn't stop there - they came up on either side of Moses and held up his hands - they became his support system. Funny, they didn't become his cheerleaders - cheering him on from the crowd. They didn't become his coach - telling him what he needs to do better. They didn't become his teacher - grading him on his conduct or behavior. They became his support - they came ALONGSIDE - they were willing to take on the burden WITH HIM - they were willing to GET IN THE FIGHT. I don't think holding Moses' arms was a glamorous job either- I can only imagine he was pretty sweaty and hot, and as far as I know - deodorant was not invented yet (I know a little gross - but just keeping real here). As a friend we have to be willing to deal with the not so pretty side (or smelly side) of each other too. Moses was exhausted, he was desperate, and he needed help - and Aaron and Hur came to his side.

We all need a support system - we all need friends who are willing to dig in, come along side,
hold us up and bear the load of the battle we are fighting. When we go through battles that require so much strength - it makes us weak - it is in those times we find some incredible friends - like Aaron and Hur. I am grateful for friends like that - and I am challenged to become one too!!

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  1. What an insight-Thanks Andrea! And no worries if you miss a few blogs, I complain about my schedule and I'm single, the govt is paying my tuition and giving me a housing allowance. I moved back home so rent is cheap, but somehow I find ways to find excuses. You are awesome. A mother of 3, a wife, and an singer/songwriter? where do you find the time. I pray God sends you tons of Aaron's and Hurs. :)